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About Hala

Hala Taluka comprises one Taluka Municipal Administration Hala and 6 Union Councils with following details Taluka Hala is situated at left bank of Indus river. The population of reconstituted Taluka Hala is 1,61,980 as per census of 2000.

Hala is one of Historical, Literary, Religious Spiritual town of Sindh. This town is also famous through the subcontinent in Art, Pottery, wood work, Cloth printing, Woven cloth called Sussi in various beautiful designs and khaddar made of hand made khaddi. According to Revenue record Hala Town had been given status of Taluka in 1848A.D.

There are three main doors to entry the town of Hala called Naka. Second the center Naka leads to the mausoleum of Hazrat Makhdoom Nooh and also enters on the main shopping street of Hala Town.

There is a mausoleum of Hazrat Makhdoom Nooh ‘Reh’ where people from all over the world visit to pay homage on the Shrine to the pious Saint & visit the Town to purchase Artisan Article and cloth. The population of the Town in more than 50000 souls and the area of the Town is spread over more than six km.

In the vicinity of Hala there is another mausoleum of the world poet Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai at Bhitshah at the distance of 5 km from Hala City Bhitshah Town is a sub-office of Taluka Municipal Administration Hala.

Hala Town also provides a standard of good teaching institutions. These institutions not only serve students from Hala vicinity but also students from outside Hala Division. There are number of primary and secondary schools for boys & girls. Two degree colleges, one for boys and other for girls.

There is also a session court, gymkhana, Office of the Deputy District Officer, Makhdoom Khaliq-u-zamma Girls College and Taluka Muncipul Comity are present near Latief Colony Bhacha Muhalla Hala New.

- From Wikipedia

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