About Hala

Hala (new), 25" 49' north latitudes and 68"-28' east longitudes is the head quarters of Hala Taluka having a town committee. It is at a distance of 57 Kilometers north of Hyderabad and stands at some distance from the high-way running from Hyderabad to Rohri with which it is connected by two branches. The nearest railway station is Tando Adam, at the distance of 24 Kilometer. Hala is noted for its glazed pottery and weaving of Susi (trouser cloth), which gives employment to approximately 400 persons.

This town is said to have been founded about a hundred years ago by Makhdoom Mir Muhammad under the name of Murtizabad when old Hala. Which is situated about two and half kilometers to the West of it was threatened with destruction by the encroachment of the Indus. It contains two tombs and a Masjid held in much veneration. The tombs are not of great age, have no historical interest, and are not of much importance architecturally.

They are built in the familiar style, with stone foundation and super structure of burnt bricks decorated with glazed tiles. The sanctity of the place depends principally on the tomb of Mir Makhdoom Nuh, a saint who is said to have died at the age of 87 about the year 1592 A.D. His remain were twice removed, it is said to save them from the devouring river, which explain the last date of the present tomb, A.H 1206 or A.D 1790. A long inscription reveals that the builder of it of his followers, but it was completed.